The Turby type T is a 12-position magnetic stirrer dyeing system working on the winding/package beam principle. The pump effect in the dye beaker is caused by the rapid rotation of the stirrer. Chemicals are added directly into the dye liquor using a hand syringe or with a 12-channel dosing pump. Linear, progressive or degressive dosing curves are possible.

TURBY type T»
Turby type T»

- 12-channel dosing pump
- Dye beam for piece goods / Dyeing principle: outside - inside
- Dye beam for bobbin / Dyeing principle: outside - inside
- Dye basket for loose material / Dyeing principle: top - bottom

Number of dye beakers 12
Beaker content 300 ml
Liquor ratio 1:5 and higher
Temperature range up to 135 °C
Operation Univision
Dimensions W x D x H 900 x 300 x 800 mm
Weight ~90 kg
~130 kg (with dosing pump)


Brochure «Dyeing»
Brochure Dyeing
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