Окрашивание тканей Непрерывное окрашивание

Установка для термофиксации ткани при окрашивании HVF-KTF

Thermolising unit type «HVF_KTF», suitable for all applications where a certain sample length is required in a continuous process flow, for example, to produce sample collections or similar. В«HVFВ» and В«KTFВ» can also both be used individually.

Установка для термофиксации ткани при окрашивании HVF-KTF
Система термальной обработки ткани при окрашивании HVF-KTF


- Infrared radiation pyrometer, for contactless measurement of the surface temperature, of the fabric feed
- Double field dryer for different treatment temperatures: for example, during drying - thermolising

Технические характеристики

Working width 300 mm or 450 mm
Material speed 0.1 - 2 m/min
Circulation air speed KTF up to 6 m/s
Circulation air quantity KTF up to 1000 m3/h
Temperature range KTF up to 250 °C
Operation Univision
Dimensions L x W ~3.1 x 1 m
Weight ~450 kg


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