Бумага и полимерные плёнки

Foil and paper industry

Упаковочные плёнки - защитные плёнки, безопасные плёнки - голографические и рельефные плёнки - плёнки, как подложка, бумага и т.д. - мы с нетерпением ждём, когда вы сможете бросить нам новый вызов в части нанесения на них покрытий!

Нанесение покрытий на плёнки

На фольгу для всех видов применения наносится покрытие с помощью ракельного ножа, валками и шлицевым методом экструзии плёнок. Свойства покрытия и предполагаемое использование продукта определяют процесс нанесения и используемые модули.

Нанесение покрытий на бумагу

Бумага покрывается силиконом для этикеточной промышленности. Покрытие наносится роликовым ракельным ножом или обратным валком.

Оборудование для нанесения покрытий на плёнки и бумагу

Roller Application Device

Roller application device type «DWE»

The roller application device type «DWE» is especially suitable for controlled application by means of a screen or stippling roller with a doctor blade. By using engraved rollers, precisely controlled application of plain colors, lacquers, glue and adhesives, primers, coatings etc. is achieved. Application of solvent-containing, aqueous and 100 % systems as well ....

Infrared Dryer

Infrared dryer type «IR-K»

IR dryer into which the material holders of the previously mentioned dryers and coaters can be placed. Infinitely variable heating from above, below or both sides. Short wave IR radiators.

LABCOATER with Coating Device


LABCOATER type «LTE-S», the optimum combination of dryer and laboratory coating table. Various kinds of material samples are coated and heat treated in the same run. The coating is applied either by a floating, roller or rubber blanket knife. Multiple coatings which do not require re-loading are also possible.

Coating Device

Laboratory coating unit type «SV»

The laboratory coating device type «SV» is used to coat single material samples. Coating is performed with a floating, roller or rubber blanket knife.


Laboratory hot air oven type «LTH»

This hot-air oven can be used for drying, hardening and baking primers, paints, lacquers or similar surface coatings. The sample material such as steel sheets, aluminum etc. can be coated on our Reverse Roll Coater RRC-BW with the «coil coating method». After coating the sample is placed onto a holder and transported into the dryer for subsequent heat treatment.

Reverse Roll Coater

Reverse roll coater type «BA-RRC»

Multiple roller applicator for the application of primers, lacquers, solvent-containing, aqueous and 100% systems, UV lacquers as well as pretreating agents onto aluminum, steel sheets and other materials. The plant conditions can be reproduced on a small sample size as various parameters such as roller speed and roller distance can be set precisely.


Sizepress type «SP»

Sizepress for dyeing and finishing as well as application of optical whitener onto paper samples.

Thermotester for plastics

Thermotester for plastics type «LTE-T»

The thermotester type «LTE-T» is an almost fully automated oven for determining the thermal (static) stability of plastics. In combination with the coating device the «LTE-T» can be used as both a gelling oven and also as a universal testing oven for plastics applications.

Paste Evacuating Device

Paste evacuating device type «LPE»

This table model can be used when air and bubble free pastes, lacquers etc are required.


2-Roll laboratory calender type «KAL»

The 2-Roll laboratory calender type «KAL» is used for treating the surface of material samples. Material surfaces are calendered in various ways under pressure and with the use of heated rollers.

Continuous coating systems

Continuous coating systems type «KTF-S»

Continuous doctor knife coating with subsequent drying are the basic functions of the «KTF-S». The continuous coating system type «KTF-S» is used where the required sample length makes economic use of a large machine impossible.

Coil coating system for coating and drying steel and aluminum coils

Coil coating system type «BA 15706»

Coil coating system for coating and drying steel and aluminum coils. The application material, in this case lacquers of different colors, is applied to one or both sides of an aluminum coil with the «reverse roll coating» process. In two-shift operation up to 38,000 meters of aluminum coil are coated daily.