Окрашивание тканей Непрерывное окрашивание

Лабораторная установка для непрерывной сушки ткани KTF

The flexible continuous hot air dryer. Continuous drying under production conditions with the «KTF» - everywhere where the required sample length makes the efficient application of a large machine impossible.
Continuous hot air dryer type В«KTFВ»
Лабораторная установка для непрерывной сушки ткани KTF

The scopes of application of the В«KTFВ» are the textiles industry, the pharmaceutical industry, foil and paper manufacturers, but also research institutes and development departments of a wide range of sectors.

KTF 350

KTF 500

Working width 300 mm 450 mm
Material speed 0.1 – 2 m/min 0.1 – 2 m/min
Dwell time roll – roll 20 – 420 s 20 – 420 s
Dwell time pin frame15 – 280 s 15 – 280 s
Circulation air speed up to 6 m/s up to 6 m/s
Circulation air capacity up to 1000 m3/h up to 1000 m3/h
Exhaust air capacity up to 400 m3/h up to 400 m3/h
Temperature range up to 250°C up to 250°C
Nozzle field length 800 mm 800 mm
Sample sizes W x L 330 x 500 mm 480 x 500 mm
Winding diameter max. 250 mm max. 250 mm
Dimensions W x D x H ~2430 x 950 x 1765 mm ~2430 x 1100 x 1765 mm

Brochure В«DyeingВ»

Brochure В«KTFВ»