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Ширильная рама THS

The basic principle of the stenter frame type В«THS» is to have a laboratory machine which has exactly the same possibilities and characteristics as a production machine with the exception of the smaller material width. Stenter frame type «THS»
Stenter frame type В«THSВ»

In developing this unit, major consideration was given to the following points:
- Spreading devices
- Optical sensing devices for the control of the corresponding pinning up units
- Automatic pinning up devices by means of brushes
- Adjusting possibilities of overfeed and postfeed
- 2 endless pin chains with corresponding guides for entry and exit


- Infrared radiation pyrometer, for contactless measurement of the surface temperature of the fabric feed
- Double field dryer for different treatment temperatures: for example, during drying - thermolising

Технические характеристики

Material width 250 – 550 mm
Material speed 0.2 – 5 m/min
Material tension infinitely variable
Temperature max. 235 °C
Operation Univision
Dimensions L x W x H ~4300 x 1600 x 1750 mm


Brochure В«DyeingВ»
  Brochure В«THSВ»